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Trex Decks - What You Need To Know

Trex Decks – Basic Info


Trex decks come in a wide variety of colors and wood simulated grain design.  Picking how your deck will look is as easy as picking your favorite color. 


Off the bat, you may question what the difference is between the Trex options.  This is mostly color and grain style.  And the best way to decide is to see actual samples up close.  So, the suggestion is to look at some pictures of existing Trex decks and then handle some samples up close.


Trex offers four styles of composite lumber (a mix of wood and plastic), and one style of pure plastic lumber (PVC).


These styles are: 


Transcend (their flagship product)





The all plastic style is called Escapes.


All can be matched up with the railing and fencing Trex also offers.



Why install a Trex deck?


Trex decking is straight, has uniform pieces, has a smooth finish, and is very easy to care for.  Trex will last a long time and also does well in the snow.  95% of the materials are recycled plastic and wood.  The company is very focused on using a sustainable process for production and delivery.  Trex decks come with a 25 year warranty – just try to ask for that when installing a wood deck!!


Building a Trex deck will cost you more upfront, but the payoff will come from years of low wear and tear and no maintenance.



You can fasten Trex decking lumber using screws or their “hidden” fasteners.  To use the fasteners you will need to choose the grooved boards.  The fasteners clip into the grooves.  If you choose to secure the boards with screws in a traditional fashion, then make sure that you pre-drill the holes for the screws and also make sure to counter-sink the area above the hole for the screw head to fit into.  Otherwise you will have the screw head push up the board material and thus you will have a slight raised portion that will be very noticeable.


We recommend using Trex for your decking project.  You can visit them at trex.com or call 800-buy-trex…good luck!

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