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Trex Decking Prices

Trex Decking Prices


Trex decking prices should not vary too much from one source to another.  Most prices you should find will be very close to the prices on this page, however, if you are  building in a remote area you should assume the additional cost of getting the material there.


You will be purchasing from a retail store or through the contractor you hire to build your deck.  In most cases, the retail mark up will about match the mark up the contractor will charge you for materials.  This page will not show the wholesale prices – but, because of this contractor mark up, your final cost for the materials will be very similar.


As is normal with hiring a contractor, you should:

1)     check their references

2)     check their license

3)     check their insurance

4)     negotiate the best price you can

5)     negotiate what will happen if costs go up, or problems/delays come up



But, this page is not about hiring a contractor!  It is about Trex decking prices, right?



Here are the 2010 retail prices:


Trex Accents


1x6 – 12ft.      Square Accents                       $34.95

1x6 – 16ft.      Square Accents                       $46.23

1x6 – 20ft.      Square Accents                       $58.64


1x6 – 12ft.      Grooved Accents                    $34.95

1x6 – 16ft.      Grooved Accents                    $46.23

1x6 – 20ft.      Grooved Accents                    $58.64


2x4 – 12ft.      Accents                                   $29.18

2x4 – 16ft.      Accents                                   $38.91


2x6 – 12ft.      Accents (spans 24” OC)         $44.63

2x6 – 16ft.      Accents (spans 24” OC)         $59.52

2x6 – 20ft.      Accents (spans 24” OC)         $74.39


1x8 – 12ft.      Accents/Contours Fascia        $39.07

1x12 – 12ft.    Accents/Contours Fascia        $65.62




Trex Escapes


1x6 – 16ft.      Trex Escapes PVC                  $49.91

1x6 – 20ft.      Trex Escapes PVC                  $62.39

1x12 – 12ft.    Trex Escapes Fascia               $89.98



Trex Brasilia


1x6 – 12ft.      Grooved Brasilia                    $37.43

1x6 – 16ft.      Grooved Brasilia                    $49.91

1x6 – 20ft.      Grooved Brasilia                    $62.39


1x6 – 16ft.      Square Brasilia                       $49.91

1x12 – 12ft.    Square Brasilia                       $73.43



Trex Transcend


1x6 – 12ft.      Square Transcend                   $39.60

1x6 – 16ft.      Square Transcend                   $52.80

1x6 – 20ft.      Square Transcend                   $66.00


1x6 – 12ft.      Grooved Transcend                $39.60

1x6 – 16ft.      Grooved Transcend                $52.80

1x6 – 20ft.      Grooved Transcend                $66.00


1x8 – 12ft.      Transcend Fascia                    $43.85

1x12 – 12ft.    Transcend Fascia                    $72.03



Trex Contours


1x6 – 12ft.      Grooved Contours                  $34.95

1x6 – 16ft.      Grooved Contours                  $46.23

1x6 – 20ft.      Grooved Contours                  $58.64


1x6 – 16ft.      Square Contours                     $46.23


1x8 – 12ft.      Accents/Contours Fascia        $39.07

1x12 – 12ft.    Accents/Contours Fascia        $65.62

Most of the home improvement super stores can special order this for you.  Normal turn around time is 2-4 days with a maximum of 7 days.  The order is paid for upfront, however, a price guarantee is provided at The Home Depot, they will beat any competitor by 10%.

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