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Composite Decking Prices - Where To Get The BEST Prices And What The Average Cost Is

Composite decking prices will range from a low of $1.63/linier foot to as much as $6.00/linier foot.  An average cost will be about $3.40 to $3.60/linier foot.  Different manufacturers will have different prices for sure, but they are all very close in price.


So, the factors that will affect price are:


Where you buy your composite deck materials

How you buy them

If you use a contractor or not



Buying at a retail establishment will likely cost you the most money; however, some will have a price guarantee like The Home Depot.  This may be a good choice in that you know you are not paying the highest price out there.  A good store will make sure they beat another price and will offer great service.


Buying online through a discount outlet will give you the lowest prices.  This is especially true when buying in bulk and any overstock.   Also, closeout purchases will be a great bargain.


Buying through a contractor could prove to be the best price option or it may be the worst price option.  Meaning, a contractor will have the best composite decking prices available as they would buy from a wholesale source.  So, if you can negotiate the materials at this reduced cost, and just pay the contractor to build the deck then you will be saving a lot of money.  If, however, your contractor marks up the materials over retail, assuming you are not price shopping them, then you could end up paying the most of all the options on this page.



Regional price variances may come into play if you are located in a distant area, far from the nearest Home Depot.



As composite decks are all produced in similar dimensions and the prices are similar too.

So, most 1x6 composite decking will all be similarly priced.  Same with 1x8 and 1x12.  Hopefully it is obvious that 1x6 will cost less than 1x8, and a 1x8 will cost less than a 1x12. 


There are no differences in composite decking prices when it comes to colors.  Normally it is only the manufacturer and the source of your materials that cause a difference from one composite decking material from another.

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