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Trex Decking Reviews - The Good And Bad

Trex Decking Reviews


Trex decking and other composite and plastic decking materials are a great alternative to using any kind of wood for your deck.  The benefits are many and the drawbacks are few.


However, you probably want to hear from people who have actually designed, installed, and are currently using Trex decking.  This page will give you some feed back from real people who have first hand experience with it, and who are not being paid for their comments – either good or bad.


So, I have spent some time interviewing designers, contractors, and owners of Trex decking and railing products.  Here is what they had to say:



“I have a Trex deck at my cabin.  It has held up very well with all the snow.  I love it.”


“The invisible connectors are sometimes visible.  This happens especially when the material has shrunk about 1/16th of an inch, exposing the connector.”


“It’s nice because it is stable, straight, and uniform.  I usually screw it down, don’t use nails.  Make sure to pre-drill the holes for the screws and counter-sink the screws.  That way you won’t have the composite material push up around the head of the screw.”


“Trex is a great option and it is great to work with.  As for it holding up over time, well, it does weather, so expect it to look used after awhile.  But, it should last a long time.”


“Our deck is in great shape after years of snow, but the railing is not nearly as smooth as it was brand new.”


"As a landscaper, I found that Trex is a much better choice for a header compared to wood.  It will not warp, and it lasts so much longer."  - a header is piece of wood (or in this case composite lumber) used as a border in the ground around landscaping.



Our Review


After interviewing a lot of people who have used Trex specifically, it is pretty obvious that this stuff is as good as they and the company says.  It is more expensive than a normal wood deck would be (not the high end hard wood stuff), but that the ease of maintenance makes up for it.


Here are the benefits we see:


1)     Straight and uniform pieces makes building and final deck very nice

2)     No splinters, rot, termites, and warping

3)     Choice of colors and matching railing are very nice

4)     You don’t need to refinish, sand, paint, or stain the deck

5)     No trees are cut down to make it – it is made from recycled material


Here are the drawbacks we see:


1)     It is not made to be structural, so you cannot build the support and substructure out of it, only the deck and railing

2)     Heavier than wood

3)     More expensive

4)     Even though it resists stains, scratches, fading, and denting, you cannot sand and refinish it.  You can paint it, although no one interviewed had done this.  Watch out for high heels as they can dent it.

5)     Once it reaches it’s life span and is replaced, it will likely end up in a land fill (that is unless the come up with a way to recycle it!).



Final thoughts


We recommend Trex for your deck lumber choice.  At least you should seriously consider it.  The main factors we see in your decision would be what you want your deck to look like in a few years.  Do you want to keep up the deck or not?  Are you into sanding and staining?  If so, then wood may be the best option.  However, most people would rather not, so Trex is a great alternative.


For what drawbacks there are to it, we feel that the benefits far outweigh them.

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